Business Cards Printing

A business card is more than just a piece of paper with your contact information, it's a lasting impression that you want your customers to have forever. Leaving them with customers or as part of your delivery service, business cards are great to make sure that you have repeat service.

With us, you can be assured that we have the best finishes available including matt, gloss, writeable or velvet with a vast selection of paper choices - classic, eco-friendly, mutlilayered, letterpress or PVC.

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Our bespoke print range is for you.

Different Types of Business Cards

When choosing the right business cards to suit your business, charity or event,. the identity of your business is to be both unique and recognisable. Printing professional business cards with Coast Print & Design is key to making sure your business can be easily contactable with an easy to find the card. From our standard business card range to folded business cards, choosing your business card right for your business is key.

We're here to help. Simply contact us and we will be sure to assist your with finding the right business card for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What sizes can I get my business cards in?

We have four choices to choose from:

- 85 x 55mm, standard business card size

- 86 x 54mm, credit card size

- 55 x 85mm, for a portrait card

- 85 x 55mm, for a landscape card


How soon can I get my business cards?

The turnaround on the business card you choose depends on the materials and finishes your decide to go with. Standard business cards are usually 1-day delivery but wooden business cards can be four to 5-day delivery. It is also worth knowing that 1-day delivery is based on the invoice and design is with us on time, as indicated in the section 'delivery info' section for the chosen product.



Why should I use Coast Print & Design?

Printing with us is the best option as we are cost-effective, efficient and get your business cards to you in under 5 days. If required, we can help with the design of your business cards, then help your choose the right materials and finishes for your business cards which is printed in full colour.


We then check your business card design, if required, via our hand-checked system to ensure you get the card you designed and deserve and then you will receive fast and efficient delivery. And last but not least, we can help you and be there every step of the way throughout the process and we are just a chat away.

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