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Design Service - Payment Policy


50% of your design service charge is due before the design service takes place and this payment is non-refundable. The other 50% is due after the design service has taken place. Please note that this is on all design services and the final version of your design will not be sent to you until full payment is received.

Printing - Payment Policy


For your printing to be completed and sent within the allocated days shown, we must have your payment by 8am on the day of ordering. Some products may vary and you can find the close off time for each product can be found in the payment info box on the product page.

Advertising - Payment Policy

We must have full payment for any advertising before the service takes place. Once full payment is received, we will email you with the date your advert will come to an end.

Faulty Items

If you have any problems with any of your prints or services that we have provided please email us​. We must receive your email within 14 days of your invoice date and please include your invoice number, the date you received your order and photo of the faulty items.

Due to most print products being customised, we might be able to replace the faulty items but not refund. We will confirm this once we have gathered the appropriate information.

Copy & Content Errors / Proofreading

Unless a proofreading service is specified on the job sheet/invoice, we will not accept any responsibility for errors of any kind on copy or text provided by clients. This includes images and image copyright infringements. All final checks before any design work is sent to print or published are the responsibility of the client.

We will always make sure that we get confirmation on the design from yourself before going ahead for print.

This policy was last updated on 28th December 2019.

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