Print & Design Trends 2019

New year means new trends! As the world continually changes from eco printing to design processing, the printing industry could change business as a whole. Lets see what the trends of 2019 are.

The best humanly possible

One of the biggest trends in 2019 is marketing and design using human characteristics throughout to strive to the best of ourselves. This includes working on designs to provide better mental and healthy living, living environment and everyday life choices. As well as this, adverts on social media and websites are becoming humanly attractive and resulting in better results than 5 years ago.

A crack in society

Another trend in 2019 is to use global issues within the design industry. This covers health, political, economical and worldwide problems, which the world is currently facing. They are becoming the inspiration of designers, who aim to work towards alleviating them by exposing their severity through design. 

It's all Green


Apart from the design itself, the printing industry is becoming more eco friendly and the impact that it has on the environment. This has led to a couple of tendencies, aiming to reduce the footprint of the industry.


Within the printing industry, there is a number of different new ways to be friendly to the environment and reduce the impace it has on the environment including:

  • Eco-friendly inks - water based and vegetable-based inks are becoming an alternative to plastisol inks which have a PVC base

  • Green materials are now being offered by printers as well

  • Recycled paper is offered to customers as an alternative to regular paper

  • Polyester fabric is another eco-friendly material that can be used for bags and clothing. It is a stain-resistant synthetic fabric made from recycled materials Unlike other fabrics, it can be recycled repeatedly

Overall, the print industry is more eco-friendly than it was ten years ago and the rise on eco-friendly ways to print is on the rise, including ourselves who use eco options where possible.

The tech solutions

Most notably, the design industry is being highly impacted by AI technology, which can be used as design assistant tools. These developments make the design processes faster and more efficient. In the print industry, there is also a trend in making the artwork check process smoother.

At Coast Print & Design, you simply order, email us the artwork and then we do all of the rest and let you know if anything needs to be done to the file. It is that simple.

Trendy Styles - Blast from the Past

Other than the trendy topics above, the design industry in going back into the past with popular old school designs making a comeback. Many designers are using old styles but putting a modern spin onto it with the latest trend being the Memphis Design.

Memphis Design is a design movement that has slowly been emerging in a lot of designs over the past few years. It draws inspiration from the ’80s, Art Deco, Pop Art, and 1950’s Kitsch. It celebrates rebelling against what was traditionally considered as “good taste”. 

Art Deco is another art movement gaining traction this year. Many designs incorporate complex, geometric line designs reminiscent of that era but are giving it a more modern twist.

Getting Inked 

New materials and printing techniques create new opportunities for stunning print designs. Application of different inks, in particular, bring any print product a little more pizzazz.

Metallic inks are gaining popularity. They bring a lot of shine that elevates even the simplest print designs. Another great thing about metallic inks is that they can be used for all kinds of occasions, events, and celebrations to give print a premium feel.

Neon or fluorescent inks are another show-stopping ink that is gaining popularity. Using these inks makes any print product look bright, bold, and fun.

Printers offer printing designs on dark and transparent materials such as clothing and transparent stickers. Though there are many colours on the market, white ink is a popular colour for printing on these kinds of media.

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